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    Our Perspective
    every smartphone is a portable computer
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    The most innovative Freight Exchange in the World
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    Works in the cloud on everything without installation
    Desktop PC
    Laptop & Tablet
    Windows Phone
    i-os & Android

The most modern Freight Exchange

  • Graphical preview of the route
  • Shipment tracking
  • Automatically Connecting the vehicle and load
  • Auctions
  • Free add-on software for smartphones and tablets

Here is what makes us different

  • The cheapest
  • The fastest
  • The safest
  • No installation
  • Unlimited number of stations
  • Only current auctions


  • Test for 14 days for free, after that take advantage of the promotion below.
  • The shipper - Buy subscription for a year set free vehicles or free frights and in addition you get more 2 years and 100 tokens for free.
  • The carrier - Buy subscription for a year, set available vehicles and additionally get more 2 years for free.
  • The partner - Buy a package of 10 tokens, set free freights and you will get an additional 100 tokens for free



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